About Us

JP CONSULTANCY & ENGINEERING SDN. BHD., which was formerly known as ATC CONSULTANCY & ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. has been actively involved in the palm oil industry as a primary plant maintenance solution provider over the past years. Emphasizing equipment lifespan optimization via engineering technology and infrastructure enhancement in terms of plant maintenance, JP Consultancy, and Engineering Sdn. Bhd. involves in various R&D projects to prove that the methods implemented to successfully increase plant yield and reduce downtime are effective. Our methods of improving and increasing worn-out parts' ‘lifespan’ as well as the introduction of exotic materials in preventing rapid wear and tear issues have been proven successful not only within the palm oil industry but in various other industries as well.

Our goal is to develop indigenous “State-of-the-Art” engineering solutions that are competitive and will add value to customers' equipment or system, ultimately catering to a higher production yield and cost maximization for them. Being an engineering consultancy organization in Malaysia, we aspire to lead the way in developing local solutions that will not only assist in terms of nation-building but will also propel Malaysia as a key player in the development and supply of technological and engineering products as well as solutions in the market. We are the pioneer of Life Enhancement Technology in terms of plant maintenance.

JP CONSULTANCY & ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. also has the resources and expertise to run highly-demand competency certification skill programs, such as Life Enhancement Technology, Welding Training Certification, and Welding Inspector programs, which will give the participants instant recognition passport into any industry, and recession-proof employment. Our collaboration with local and international certification bodies further enable the participants to possess a high demand in both local and international market. It is unquestionably true that people are our greatest asset.

JP CONSULTANCY & ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. with its pool of industry experts would strive to Develop and Enhance Human Capital to realize our Nation’s Vision towards becoming an Industrialized nation. We deliver agency-specific training, career development programs, and customized consulting solutions to enrich learning and optimize individual, group, and organizational performance. We are the recognized leader in training technology and customized solutions for enhanced organizational performance. Through our models of excellence, the community considers us to be a strong resource in support of the JP research mission. Through the development of partnerships, we have created continuity within the training community. Through our career and leadership development programs, we are an integral component of the succession plan.
 Our Vision

To be an excellent plant maintenance solution provider and trainer, recognized for its:

• Quality of Products, Services, and Training to Clients.

• Profitability & Return-on-Investment (ROI) for Clients.
 Our Mission

In achieving the status of an excellent solution provider and trainer, JP CONSULTANCY AND ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. will:

• Ensure only world class engineering products, services, and training are provided.

• Collaborate with Local and International R&D Institutions and Companies towards Globalization of our findings.

• Work towards ensuring minimum costing and fastest ROI for our clients.